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Cancer Man Leo Woman

Cancer Man Leo Woman

The best aspect of a Cancer man Leo woman match is the mutual commitment to a sincere relationship. Together, this couple can share a supportive, positive and healthy partnership. 

Generally perceived by others as a winning team, the mutual desire for a secure and loving union encourages both Leo woman and Cancer man to strive for harmony.

Totally by instinct, Cancer man can provide the type of home that Leo woman wants and expects. This alone can heal many wounds, but the wildly extravagant moods of the Leo matter how occasional...are sure to aggravate the economical values of the Cancer partner.
Cancer Man Leo Woman

Here are positive and negative features of Cancer man Leo woman union

Positive Feature of Cancer man Leo woman Relationship
  • Cancer man Leo woman combination is usually very good. Leo woman's huge heart will soon forgive the moody outbursts that Cancer man can display from time-to-time. Thus, the Cancer partner will feel a little more at ease around Leo woman and probably allow his Leo mate to run things...or at least let her think she is in charge.
  • Leo woman will appreciate the attention of the Cancer partner and this relationship can easily achieve longevity as long as Cancer man can dismiss the feeling of neglect that is sure to surface on occasion while Leo woman is out running the world.
  • The mutual preference for comfort and security of both partners will be on a grand scale. Cancer man and Leo woman couple enjoy a lovely home and close-knit family, with Leo woman providing the flair and passion, while Cancer man furnishes a sensitive yet intense instinct to nurture. However, the Leo partner will invariably be the bigger, bolder and more vivid of the two...the very picture of majesty and status.
Thus, as long as these two individuals are mindful of their inherent differences, the affair can be a positive one.
Negative Feature of Cancer man Leo woman Relationship
  • At the outset of the relationship, Cancer man will be very attracted to Leo woman's regal bearing and fun-loving attitude. But within a short space of time, the Cancer man will find out exactly how different the Leo woman value system is from his own and the fiery ardor of the Leo partner will cause Cancer man to feel that real love simply cannot endure in the face of such intensity. Hence, the Cancer man will begin to doubt Leo woman's heartfelt words of endearment.
  • Leo woman will doubtless experience much trouble in breaking through the protective shell of Cancer man, since he will prefer to hide her feelings inside, showing the world a very different image with every indication that he is thicker skinned than he truly is. However, with persistence, Leo woman will eventually breach the barrier and discover a very sensitive person whose feelings are easily damaged.
  • Cancer man worries about the future, but the future could not be the furthermost thing on the mind of Leo woman and such fretting only serves to amuse her.
It should be noted that since both Cancer man and Leo woman are so strong-minded, this is a pair who must constantly work attentively to understand and accept one another.

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