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Cancer Leo Cusp

Cancer Leo cusp (Born July 22 to July 29)

Cancer Leo cusp combination is also known as the Cusp of Oscillation. 

Of all twelve cusps, these natives most clearly display the split influences of two adjacent Signs almost opposite in their orientations.

Here, traditionally feminine orientations (associated with the Moon) and traditionally masculine orientations (associated with the Sun) are combined equally in one single personality.

Here are brief personalities of individuals born of Cancer Leo cusp:

  • Possess the inward and sensitive traits inherent in Cancer
  • Possess the outward and fiery traits inherent in Leo
  • Tend to have rather volatile personalities
  • Prone to movement...both physically and emotionally
  • Life is prone to be focused on strength and grace
  • Often lacking in self-discipline
  • Apt to dwell on the past
  • Need to learn to live for the moment
  • Vibrant and energetic
Cancer Leo Cusp
Generally, it is difficult (if not impossible) to push Cancer Leo cusp subjects from one psychological state into another due to the fact that they are resistant to emotional manipulation.

Here are other notable features of Cancer Leo cusps persons
  • The water element of Cancer results in these natives tending to respond through emotion, while the fire element of Leo provides a more physical aspect to the character, coupled with a tendency to respond to the world by way of action.
  • Thus, Cancer Leo cusps individuals are normally quite intuitive and will leap headfirst into life, refusing to fret over whether their latest goal is realistic or practical. However, should the situation happen to require drama or courage, and then these subjects most certainly possess great abundance.
  • "Creativity" is one of the keywords attributed to these subjects and their caring nature ensures that the benefits of their imaginative powers will help others. Although they may not necessarily be suited to the position of leadership, they are efficient and their application to the task at hand is admirable.
  • These natives also know how to delegate authority and work within a team environment. They usually prefer to be in the "thick of battle" rather than be found "sitting on the sidelines," and those who can work with these natives as true associates and partners are often able to share in such experiences, thus penetrating deeply into Cancer Leo cusp's heart and mind.
  • Cancer Leo cusp natives set high goals for themselves. They are great thinkers and possess magnificent memories. By nature, these are immensely sympathetic souls...particularly to those in distress and will contribute freely and lavishly toward relief.
  • Loyalty to friends is yet another admirable trait associated with this cusp combination.
  • The most important lesson to be learned by Cancer Leo cusp natives is that they need to work with people who are not only highly competent and can carry their own share of the load, but that such people are able to understand these cusps personalities on a personal level.
It is also necessary for them to learn self-discipline and try not to concentrate overly much on the past...instead, living for the present. Additionally, these natives should note that it is essential for their blood and digestive organs to be well-toned.

As with all cusp individuals, Cancer Leo cusps natives tend to be attracted to others born on the cusp...particularly those who fall within the Libra Scorpio cusp and Capricorn Aquarius cusp combinations.

Notable Cancer Leo Cusps individuals includes:

Sir Edmund Hilary; Ernest Hemingway; Alexander the Great; Amelia Earhart; and Walter Payton 

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