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Attracting A Leo

Notable ways of Attracting a Leo

A sure way of attracting a Leo is to think, act and feel as young as possible. Leo individuals are most appreciative of youth and concepts of youthfulness. They are also great admirers of creativity and imagination.
The fact is, natives of Leo are drawn to pleasure and pleasant people, so it may be best for any mate not to plan activities with them if in a bad or negative mood, or not up to par in general.

Perhaps the most abhorrent trait to a native of Leo is the turning off of the spotlight when he or she is basking in its warm rays and this is something a potential mate must be careful to never do.
Attracting A Leo

Here are basic ways of attracting a Leo:

Shower Compliments
Perhaps the best technique to employ with Leo natives is praise since there is little else that those ruled by Leo appreciate more. While it is true that any potential partner may tire of looking for things to compliment about Leo, finding and voicing such flattering words will produce tremendous dividends.
Be Charming
Charming on the surface, men governed by Leo are tough underneath and potential mates will need to learn to get their own way via a charm that is equally as melting. Since Leo individuals are prone to judge themselves on what they have around them (hence their love of luxury), they can be somewhat appearance-conscious at times and may become overly critical of a partner's qualities, looks or talents.
Be strong in your self
Any potential mate must be personally strong in himself or herself to enhance the partnership...but also willing to step occasionally into Leo's shadow. This is a male who desires a partner of whom he can be proud and it will be necessary to find out what type of individual he admires most and then employ emulation, if necessary.
Be fascinating
To attract and keep a Leo, it will be necessary for any mate to pull out all the stops by bringing color, gaiety and glamour into this man's life. Indeed, he does love to be fascinated.

When it comes to long term commitments, Leo individuals are rather high maintenance partners. They require attention, nurturing and pampering in order for the relationship to thrive.

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