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Aquarius Man Leo Woman

Aquarius Man Leo Woman

Attracted to all things novel, Aquarius man Leo woman couple will be thrill-seekers and may, every now and then, turn life into a giant game of "Truth or Dare."

Here, the best chance for longevity is probably founded on unending mutual admiration. 

Leo woman will admire the individualism, vision and creative characteristics of Aquarius man, while Aquarius man will admire the zeal, charm and dignity of Leo woman.
Aquarius Man Leo Woman

Here are positive and negative features of Aquarius man Leo woman union

Positive Features of Aquarius man Leo woman Relationships
  • The originality of Aquarius man will certainly impress Leo well the unique Aquarius man’s vision. Both are loyal souls and can become exceedingly devoted to each other. Provided this pair can understand that they do not necessarily need to be in charge all the time, then they can succeed on a side-by-side basis.
  • Leo woman provides Aquarius with the courage to charge ahead and take action, rather than simply sitting around and formulating ideas. Whereas Aquarius man is able to utilize intellect to inspire the Leo woman ambition and provide new ideas that can be put into practice. Leo woman finds this very stimulating. Thus, the two feed a process of mutual personal growth and development.
  • Not only can Aquarius man keep pace with the motion and fireball of energy that is associated with Leo woman, but can also add special effects. Together, this pair can soar to astounding heights.
Negative Features of Aquarius man Leo woman Relationships
  • The aloof nature of Aquarius man would undoubtedly prove to be something of a challenge to Leo woman...and quite possibly the initial "draw" that brings these two together. In the beginning, Leo woman will believe that beneath that frosty exterior, Aquarius man is really a much warmer-hearten personality than he appears to be. But in order for this relationship to survive, Leo will soon have to accept that Aquarius man will never be as warm-hearten and generous with self as Leo woman would like or expect.
  • Both Aquarius man Leo woman are known for their pride and fixed opinions, which will almost certainly result in many arguments between this couples. Above all else, Aquarius men are humanitarians and have no interest in material gain. Leo women place prime importance upon financial success and thus, have little patience with the ideals of Aquarius men, believing such ideals to be unrealistic.
The physically romantic aspect of Aquarius man Leo woman partnership is also likely to be rather unsatisfying, particularly for Leo woman since the Aquarius mate can...and will...undoubtedly find others who capture his interests. Leo woman will certainly find this to be frustrating and cause her to believe that Aquarius man is essentially inhuman and uncaring. However, if the Aquarius partner is of the more evolved form, then the Leo woman Aquarius man union could be satisfying and long-lasting. 

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